Candy Party Favors

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By Paper Crafts Contributor, Lauren Romano.

Finding the exact type of party favors you want can be a hassle – the ones you end up giving out may be nice, but they’re typically missing that extra-special something you wanted. A better option is to make your own so you can personalize them the way you want. I know, I know – most are too much of an annoyance to make, they take too much time to create and they cost more than store-bought ones. Not necessarily true!

These candy party favors are incredibly inexpensive and are easy enough that you can make a group of them in less than an hour.

Step 1. Rip off all the stray pieces of toilet paper off the roll so it’s an even surface.

Step 2. Place the toilet paper tube on the paper and use a pencil to mark the paper on either end of the tube. Use a ruler to make vertical lines on these points from edge-to-edge on the paper, then cut the piece out.

Step 3. Put a thin layer of Mod Podge on the tube, then wrap the paper tightly around it; for thin paper, you may need to go around twice. Trim the excess paper, then glue the end down.

Step 4. Fold a sheet of tissue paper in half, then in half again to form a square. Roll the paper into a tube shape so it will fit inside the toilet paper tube, then glue the edges of the tissue paper together. Slide it into the tube, then tie a ribbon on one end to close it off.

Step 5. Fill the tissue paper with candy; use the eraser end of the pencil to pack the candy in. When it gets to the edge of the tube, tie off the other end of the tissue paper with ribbon.

Step 6. Wrap a piece of ribbon vertically around the center of the tube and glue down the ends.

Step 7. Make a bow out of the same type of ribbon (or use a store-bought bow) and attach it onto the vertical ribbon.

Step 8. Punch small butterflies out of the same paper you wrapped around the tube. Glue a butterfly punch every two centimeters or so onto the vertical ribbon.

Step 9. Attach a small mini rose onto the ribbon that ties either end of the tissue paper closed.

Step 10. If you prefer, add a small tag onto the candy party favor. For this tag, I attached a paper flower embellishment onto a large scalloped edge circle and used a ribbon to tie it around one end of the favor.

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One thought on “Candy Party Favors

  1. Susan

    Just knew there was a practical reason I’ve been saving up those empty rolls of toilet paper! Been waiting for your tutorial. Or shall we say, TP-Torial?

    Thank you for this great site. Been receiving your create for less newsletters for quite some time now. Just saw you’re my pdx neighbor, too. Spent time on your sales site, and decided to mosey on over to your craft blog and WOW! You’re awesome! Look at this. Can’t wait to meet you and have even more fun with my two daughters. Oh, and of course, the women I help at bridal and baby showers.

    Happy weekend to you!

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