Handmade Tags & Ornaments: The Blanket Stitch

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By Sewing Contributor Jessica, from the blog “Life Sew Good”.  

For quite some time, I have been meaning to make an Advent Calendar.  I searched online and knew I wanted to do something that I hung up in my home.  I love the blanket stitch and decided to incorporate that somehow.  I finally came up with the idea of using round circles and decorating them like ball ornaments.  Here are the pieces:

I like them a lot, but they took a lot of time and effort.  After further brainstorming, I decided to give you the tools to make these, without the commitment of making 25 of them! 

Instead of making a calendar, consider making personalized tags or ornaments.

Here’s how . . .

First, you will need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Pins
  • Felt or fleece
  • Round object to trace
  • DMC Thread,  I used size “5”, although you can use all the threads of size “25”.
  • Ribbon, rick-rack, or other decorative pieces of your choice

1. Trace your round object (or use a compass) onto a piece of paper.  Use this pattern to cut 2 circles of your felt or fleece.  In this illustration, I used fleece.

2. Using your thread and a large-eyed needle, hand-stitch what you want on one piece of your fabric.  It could be a person’s name, or you could use a words like:  love, joy, peace, wish, snow, or Christmas.  Just use the thread continuously. 

3. When you are done, knot your thread in the back, looping the needle through your stitches twice.  On the second loop, push your needle through, pulling tight against the fabric, forming a knot.

4. On the same piece, you can uniquely decorate it according your style!  I simply made a bow and sewed it on.

5. It’s time to use our blanket stitch.  Place your blank piece of fabric underneath your decorated one, wrong sides together.

6. Begin by pushing your needle from the between the pieces through the bottom piece. 

7. After pulling it all the way, bring your needle around both pieces, then push it through the top piece and pull it all the way through the bottom piece.  Pull it though, but leave a little bit of space.  This will create a loop over both pieces.

8. Bring your needle around both pieces again, and  this time push your needle up through the loop you just created. 

9. Pull it through, then push your needle into the top piece, pushing through both pieces again.  Pull your needle all the way out the bottom piece, but don’t pull too tight. 

10. Bring your need around to the front again, pick up the loop with your needle and push back though both pieces again.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Reapeat.  ***Note:  I actually only stitch the 2 pieces together about 2/3 the way around, (leaving the top open), then continue the blanket stitch ONLY on the top piece.  For the Advent Calendar, I will put treats inside.  For a tag or ornament, you could choose to do either—leave it open & stick a little piece of chocolate or a candy cane inside OR use the blanket stitch to bring both pieces together all the way around.

11. It should look like the picture below when you are done.  To finish, you will make your last stitch overlap the first stitch, like you see in the photo.  Tie off your thread as directed in step 3.

12.  At this point, stitch a little loop of ribbon onto the bottom piece.  You can attach a string or more ribbon to tie on a tree or on a gift!

And there you have it!  A sweet, personalized tag or ornament that one can treasure forever!

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One thought on “Handmade Tags & Ornaments: The Blanket Stitch

  1. RoseHaven

    Your project is so nicely made with the pictures explaining every step. Your family will treasure it counting down the days of Advent to Christmas!

    Thank you for sharing your handy work ideas with us in making handmade Christmas.

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