Technicolor Caterpillar

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By Recycled Crafts Contributor, Anitra from the blog “Coffee Pot People”.

Okay, so we used a rake to make a bunch of pom poms. What are we going to do with them?

Let’s start with quick, easy, and cute, and make a caterpillar!

This is so simple, you get just one “instructional” photo, and you don’t need that! Just take five pompoms, in whatever colors you want to use. I used fuzzy yarns for my pom poms, including Fun Fur. (Note: Fun Fur and friends make great, fun pom poms, but you need to wind a lot around the pegs, because the foundation yarn it’s “built” on is quite fine.)

Take one of the tie strings from one pompom, and one from another, and tie the pompoms together, and repeat until all five poms are tied in a row. Don’t tie them too close, or you’ll end up with a pompom cluster instead of a line! Trim the ends of the tie strings to match the radius of the poms.

Now take a scrap of black felt or foam sheet, and cut eight legs: Just cut four strips about two inches long and a little less than half an inch wide, round the ends, and cut the strips in half. You can make the ends a little more paddle-like, if you want.

Using a glue gun, put a dab of glue on the end of each little leg, and push into the side of a pom pom, one pair of legs per pom pom, except for the head. If you want, you could also add eyes and antennae, but I preferred mine without.

That’s it! You can use nice big pom poms, and end up with a lovable toy, as is, or add a loop of fishing line behind the head, so you can hang it on the Christmas tree, or even make a “puppet” by tying a length of string around the caterpillar’s neck and tying the other end to a popsicle stick. You’d be surprised how much younger children enjoy playing with their new pet-on-a-string! (That’s the voice of experience, and I have to admit to being surprised myself.)

PS: I almost titled this blog post, “Let’s Make Woolly Buggers!”, but thought it might gross out people who didn’t know that’s the actual name of an actual caterpillar. Woolly Buggers are fuzzy, and have black bands on both ends, with a broad orange middle. And if you’d like to know how to predict a whole winter’s weather using one, look here.

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About Anitra

Anitra Cameron had the good fortune to be born into a family where creativity ran rampant. Her father has authored several books and worked as a photographer and her mother hand-painted portraits. Anitra’s favorite crafts to make are: Jewelry (especially using buttons), collaged book marks, miniature cake stands, all from recycled materials. Anitra’s moto: “Use it up. Wear it out. Make it do, or do without.” Live with that long enough and you’ll never want to throw anything away, so best to turn it into art! Anitra lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, where their combined family’s total seven children, and (so far) seventeen grandchildren. Recently Anitra became a great-grandmother of a darling little boy! You can find more of Anitra’s work at “Coffee Pot People”.

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