‘Tis the Season: Sewing with Fleece

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By Sewing Contributor Jessica, from the blog “Life Sew Good”.  

This time of year, you might find me cuddling up under a fleece blanket, wearing fleece pants , drinking coffee and reading a book (if my kids let me).  Fleece is one of those fabrics that I absolutely love because it’s so soft and warm.  Plus, there are now a variety of very cute fleece prints to be had!

Have you ever sewn fleece?  Fleece is actually a great place for beginning sewers to start! 

Here’s some tips:

1). Fleece does not unravel, so you don’t have to finish the ends.  This is fantastic!  If you wanted, you could cut a piece of fleece and use it as a blanket, although there are ways to make it look finished—even without sewing a stitch!

2). Like knit fabrics, fleece will be tight one direction and stretchy the other direction.  This is very important to keep in mind when cutting pieces for garments.  Make sure the fleece will stretch the right way.  In general, you want it to stretch horizontally.  For example, if you are making a hat, make sure the fleece is stretchy around the head. 

3). When sewing on your machine, lengthen your stitch.  It doesn’t need to as long a basting stitch, but it should be longer than your normal stitch.  Also, for better durability, you might want to use a narrow zigzag stitch.

4). Because of the thick nature of fleece, trim your seams close to your stitch to cut down on bulk.

5). Don’t iron your fleece.  Finger press or use pins to mark your places. 

6). Sometimes it is a struggle to figure out which is the right and wrong side of fleece.  Generally, the fuzzier, brighter looking side is the right side. 

If you want to try a simple project, try sewing a fleece hat.  You can find a great tutorial here.   I purchased a hat pattern on Etsy from tiedyediva last year and have made many, many hats since!  It’s cute, easy and fast.  Perfect sewing project and great Christmas presents!

If you want to try a no-sew fleece project, make a tie-blanket.  For an adult-sized blanket, use 2 coordinating, 2 yard pieces of fleece fabric. 

1). Stack the 2 pieces of fleece, wrong sides together.

2). Cut a 4″ x 4″ square out of each corner, cutting through both pieces of fabric. 

3). Make 4″ cuts into the fabric every 1″-2″ (choose which you want!) all the way around the fabric.

4). Knot the strips together, joining the top and bottom layer. 

Enjoy the fun of sewing fuzzy, warm fleece this season!

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