Burlap Pillows

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By Sewing Contributor Jessica, from the blog “Life Sew Good”.  

My friend Anna has an amazing ability to take great high-end decorating ideas and making them practical and affordable.  After seeing some great pillows, she decided to ask my friend Aimee to make some for her . . . out of burlap! 

Friends, it may not be a pillow you’ll cozy up to, but the burlap adds great texture and dimension.  They are perfect for a neutral throw pillow to add in with other pillows or to throw on your outdoor bench.  Maybe it sounds crazy, but try it.  In another post will include ways to “spice up” your burlap pillow, so make it now, and get ready for crazy fun.

Here’s what you need:

Thread similar to this
Pillow Form

Because burlap is see-through, we double-layered it.  You could put colored duck cloth or other fabric underneath, but burlap is inexpensive and it’s just as easy to double it.  The rest of the instructions will assume you just folded over your burlap and are measuring it together.

Figure your dimensions: 

We used a 12” x 16” pillow form.  We accounted for ½” seam allowance on all sides.  We also decided we wanted the make it a pillow case so that when we change our minds and want to do something different with our pillow, we can!  So, we allowed for a 2” over lap in the back plus 2” fold-over (which makes it look good.)  Here’s what that ends up looking like:

Here’s the math: 

Height:  12” (front) + 12” (back) + 1” total seam allowance = cut 25”

Width:  16” (front) + 16” (back) + 1” total seam allowance + 8” fold-over/over-lap =  cut  41”

You should have a 25” x “41 double layer piece of burlap.

Fold over and pin the 2 short ends 2 ½” (2” fold-over + ½” seam allowance).  Sew ½” seam on each end.

With RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER, fold burlap in thirds, over lapping your folded edges 2”, so that the fold on one side meets the seam of the other folded side.

Pin sides.  Sew sides together with a ½” seam.  Don’t worry about raw edges.  It won’t matter in the pillow! 

Trim corners, being careful not to cut through your seams. 

Turn right side out, and viola!  Burlap pillow cover!

Stay tuned for further ideas in burlap décor!

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