Free Stuff Friday!!

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Enter to win the Clover 45mm Rotary Cutter and the Clover Stack ‘n Store Bobbin Tower! 

Clover Stack N Store Bobbin Tower will keep your bobbins organized! This innovative tool neatly organizes up to 30 bobbins. It can hold any type of bobbin and secures threads — no more tangles! Conveniently see all your thread colors at a glance. Nancy Zieman – This tower has 6 layers of bobbin holders, and each layer can hold 5 bobbins. There are 3 Green and 3 Yellow layers, and the layers can come apart if you want to travel with them. It is approximately 3 1/2″x 2 3/4″. Clover Soft Cushion Rotary Cutters are designed to cut fabric with just the right amount of blade exposed, whether held upright or at an angle. These blades have a practical soft-cushion handle that fits right in your hand. Convenient for both right and left hands.

Every Friday we’ll post a giveaway on Think Crafts and all you have to do is comment on the blog post answering the question of the week. We’ll pick the winner and contact them via email. Deadline is midnight tonight and the winner will be announced Monday. One entry per person please.

Question of the Week: What craft supplies do you have a collection of? Are you a fabric hoarder, ribbon collector…

If the comment box is not below, scroll to the top and click “comments”.

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71 thoughts on “Free Stuff Friday!!

  1. Alexandria

    I collect tons of fabric! I don’t use it as fast as it comes in and most of the time I’m not sure what I want to do with it, I just have to have it!

  2. Christine

    I have a metal tin full of ribbons! I take them off of of anything that I am going to throw away.

  3. Helen

    I hoard everything…! But mostly tiny scraps of fabric and thread which really should go in the bin but might be just what I need… one day!

  4. Marissa M.

    Beads Beads beads beads beads beads and paper paper paper paper…oh who am I kidding?!? I have a little bit of Everything! But Beads rule the roost.

  5. Cath

    Yikes. What don’t I hoard? So many different crafts projects have caught my eye over the years. I get excited, buy a bunch of tools and materials and books, and…. There they sit. Cringe. My current obsession is card making, which conveniently offers me the opportunity to make use of many of the different crafts materials I’ve collected over the years. I like the fact that it is so open ended and so many different materials can be utilized. The sky’s the limit.

  6. Stefanie

    Mostly I hoard trash 😉 I have a collection of metal bottle caps, plastic bags, magazines, old jeans, old board games as I work in reusing when possible.

  7. Elizabeth

    I hoard yarn for a rainy day, and sewing crafts that I have collected over the years, beads, scrapbooking supplies, ribbon, you name it I probably have it stashed somewhere.

  8. Laura Keane

    I have a huge stash of fabric and ribbons, all ready for when I have enough free time to play with them!!

  9. Dana

    What don’t I have a collection of!:) I have fabric from when I worked in a fabric store back in 1989. I have tons of fabric and patterns. I also have tons of scrapbooking/crafting items and stamps. I also have cross stitch kits that I keep telling myself I will get to someday. I also have a lot of ribbon. I just have to many craft projects to count. 🙂

  10. Morgan Robertson

    fat quarters and lightweight yarn. I’m really REALLY bad with hoarding fat quarters. I finally realized how bad when I moved last month — YIKES!

  11. Laurie Costa

    So many beads and beading assesories.
    And sewing stuff…too much and nothing to organize them with.

  12. Karen

    I have more craft and art supplies than an art supply store. Fabric, beads, glass, oil paints, mosaics, encaustics, clay – metal, polymer and ceramic, silver for jewelry making. You name it – I probably have it. The joy is – I use it all.

  13. Carol Malloy

    Well first off, I am going to try and refrain from the word “hoarding” 🙂 But I am in my office right now, and here is what I have..
    cutting boards-yes, more than one, paper cutters, scissors, glue-all kinds, paper/cardstock-every color, Markers-only Zig..(they rock!) assorted stamps, inks, punches, embossing tools, and accessories, stickers-dimensional-you name em, I probably have them, hot glue gun with extra glue, glitter, yarn, beads, brads–all shapes and sizes… Basically what I am saying is.. Create for Less keeps me looking like a store. I am my neighbors dream if they ever need anything 🙂

  14. Nancy

    I collect fabric and trims. Have a whole room overflowing with them!! Love it, but need a room makeover!

  15. Mables mom

    I have a collection of patterns. I don’t know why,but they make my sewing room look like I use it.

  16. Deborah Paape

    I am a so bad I have it all fabric, thread and more thread, yarn, books and patterns, enbroidery, floss, needles, pins crochet hooks, buttons love buttons, . Hubby says my hobby is collecting stuff & objects LOL. I say its crafters treasures.

  17. Pamela Murray

    Apparently a little bit of everything but lately I have gotten into rubber stamps.

  18. Terry Daigre

    I collect anything i can embroidery on with my emp600 ribbons botton covers fabric. shirts t-shirts sweats and so on anything I find on sale I buy for to make gifts and to have on hand when someone needs something fast.

  19. Ila Geving

    lots and lots of fabric,tons of ribbons, wreaths, trinkets and mini ornaments to go on the wreaths,tubs and tubs of lace, I use to adorn the dresses of the handmade Angels I make, tiny buttons, big buttons, and every size in between, not to mention the tools that go with every one of my many crafty things I make! Sometimes, I think one of these days, I might need a bigger house, just for the craft stuff,But,I sure enjoy being able to use my mind and hands to create, and I would go bonkers, if I couldn’t!

  20. Nancy Dorfner

    I collect a little bit of everything, That way I have lots of things to choose from. 🙂

  21. Sharon Jones

    Mostly embroidery thread i guess. but also beading supplies and fiber for spinning.. LOTS of fiber for spinning. bwhahahaha

  22. Laura

    paper- I love art papers and old papapers and paper you should throw away but might need for that really cool collage you are planning on making…bits of paper and large sheets of paper. I once walked out of a paper store with $400 worth of JUST paper and you would have thoguht I scored the crown jewels!

  23. Tonya P

    Oh my gosh! My stashes are numerous! Fabric of all kinds, yarn yarn and more yarn, and I have a boatload of zippers right now! I love old buttons and vintage trims (esp. baby rick rack)! My favorite craft related collection is my pincushion collection! I have over twenty unique and wonderfully made pincushions! 😀

  24. Brenda Funaro

    Fabric? Did someone say Fabric – gotta love it and HAVE it! Quite the hoarder here! Love my scrapbooking too! Trying to use some of my collection up before I buy new now! 🙂

  25. heidi

    More fabric/patterns than I will be able to sew in 2 lifetimes! Along with the paint and supplies for mixed-media art…

  26. Lindy

    Definitely fabric! I cannot part with some of my favorite pieces and just recently have begun to “let go” and make special things for special people with my prize fabric in my stash!

  27. Carol

    FABRIC – fun to have a stash to select my next project from and I like to get it before it’s no longer available.

  28. Holly

    I collect fabric and sewing patterns and yarn! Someday I will have the time and the motivation to make more projects, but for now I’m still accumulating supplies for “things I want to make … eventually.”

  29. Sharyl

    new gadgets, thimbles,notions, rulers, rotary cutters (different sizes) fabric, buttons, patterns, shears, threads, just about everything i guess =)

  30. Shirley Kitchens

    I try to keep my “stashes” to a normal level by creating something when I see one becoming too large, but it is hard not to re buy when I see something that I just can’t resist….

  31. Donna7x

    I am a sewing gadget collector! Anything to make my sewing projects easier! I think my favorite gadget is my buttonhole scissors. They are hard to find, but Create for Less has them!!!

  32. Janice Ballard

    I have tons of ribbon, buttons, fabric, t-shirts for applique projects,,,,,my only problem is finding TIME to do all I want…….

  33. Judy McBride

    I collect yarn (particularly self-striping sock yarn) and knitting patterns. If I started right now I could not knit everything up before I die!

  34. Valerie

    I seem to collect lots of pretty scrapbook paper, even though I don’t scrapbook! Go figure!

  35. Rose Burke

    I am a fabric hoarder. I will see a pair of jeans with embroidery I like at a thrift store and buy it and it will sit in my fabric closet for a year before I get to it. I love to always have thread so I collect thread also.

  36. jessica lear

    I am a punch collector. Whether I need it or not I have to have them when I see them.

  37. Dorothy Davidson

    I have an enormous collection of fabric, started nearly forty years ago, anything you can think of- except something I need for my latest project!

  38. Molly Walsh

    I’d have to say stamps I have an entire bookcase filled with stamps, I even tried to get rid of some **giggle** once.

  39. Tammy Hall

    OMG they just don’t make enough ribbon for me. I love ribbon!!!!! When my daughter was little I had ribbons in her hair everyday from the day she was born. Now I have to put ribbon on just about everything I make!!!!!

  40. Mandy Malarczuk

    I am a ribbon junkie…cant get enough of it, and I dont think I have too many scrapbook pages without any ribbon!

  41. Becky

    I am a certifiable fabriholic! I also have a stash of metal and plastic bottle caps. Why? I dunno but I’ll think of something!

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  42. Bonnie

    I have a nice fabric stash that is added to, oh, once in a while 😉 I also can’t pass up trying new scissors.

  43. Jeni

    I am a total fabric hoarder! I go to the fabric store at least once a week and have a closet full of fun colors and patterns!!

  44. Kim

    Fabric. I recently was given a floor to ceiling 9 foot long glass front china cabinet. My wall looks like a rainbow.

  45. Diane

    I have an old tin full of buttons, snaps, hooks and eye that belonged to my grandma who passed away 24 years ago. It has to be really special before you can use anything in there!

  46. Joanie Schwarzbeck

    My mother used to buy yarn at EVERY yarn shop she walked into.. I never understood that until I started buying Fabric at EVERY fabric/quilt shop that I walk into! I have become my Mother… god rest her soul.

  47. joan godfrey

    not only FABRIC but GADGETS. in fact i am the program for the next guild meeting. what works and what doesn’t.

  48. Debbie

    I probably hoard beads the most…but I also have tons of lace,ribbon,fabric,stuff to paint,craft books–should I go on?

  49. Angie Platten

    I want that bobbin storage thingy so bad!!!

    Ok, I have vast amounts of fabrics ranging from interesting sheers to cotton quilting fabrics, hand dyed pieces, and home decor fabrics. I like them all and collect them all. I also have a lot of paper which is organized in drawer units by color families. I love combining both into projects.

  50. Lori Nichols

    BUTTONS!!! I inherited my grandmother’s button box that i would play with for hours when I was little. It still had all my favorites. I still save the buttons from clothes going to goodwill too!

  51. S. McIntyre

    Fabric and paper!
    I can’t seem to throw out any scraps of cloth even if they’re tiny!
    Cloth and paper have so many great patterns on them and are useful!!
    I’d love the cutter!

  52. Kathy

    I love and have to have fabric, then hate to use it. Lately I have begun to collect fat quarters and keep my eyes open for projects, other than quilts, to use them in.

  53. Christine N

    I really don’t think it’s a collection but rather an obsession! I have ton’s of ribbon and, I think, even more buttons!!! Well, I could also include design paper. I just love my little hobby of papercrafting!!!


  54. Char-D

    I have more paper for scrapbooking (12″ x 12″) than I will be able to use in the next decade. lol

  55. Claudia

    I have to admit I collect buttons but not just any buttons, I love pink and mother of pearl. And yes, I have a large collection of fabric. Some of my ribbons are more than 40 years old.

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