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By General Crafts Contributor Amy, from the Blog “Mod Podge Rocks!”

Are you interested in decoupage, but don’t know where to begin?  Have I got the project for you!  Coasters are great for home décor and gifts, and are the perfect project to start with if you have never used Mod Podge.  I got mine from the dollar bin, but these are easy to find.  There is always a set needing a little love.  Set aside a few hours one afternoon, grab your Mod Podge and you’re ready to go.

To make, you’ll need to gather these supplies:


K & Company Scrapbook paper  – 3 sheets coordinating

Ranger Adirondack Alcohol Ink Set Cottage Path  (I used Meadow)

Mod Podge Outdoor 

Flat Paint Brush 

Scissors  or Craft Knife 


Pencil or Pen

Cotton cloth or facial round – something disposable for alcohol ink application

Sandpaper  (optional)

Here are the coasters I started with.  They were only $1 for six!

I sanded my coasters lightly because the paper on top had a coating, and I wanted to rough it up so that the Mod Podge would stick well.

Place one coaster down on the paper and trace – repeat for as many coasters as you have.  I used three different sheets of coordinating papers, two coasters came out of each sheet.  When you are done tracing, cut out the coaster shapes with your craft knife or scissors.

Spread your Mod Podge down on the surface of the coaster in a medium layer.  Apply the paper and SMOOTH thoroughly until the air bubbles are removed.  Wipe away any Mod Podge that comes out the edges with your brush.  Repeat with the other coasters and then allow them to dry for 15 – 20 minutes.

DO NOT Mod Podge over the top yet.

The alcohol ink adds a little extra color and distressing effect around the edges.  I grabbed a bowl and mixed some Meadow ink with water.

Using your cloth or facial round, apply the ink to the edges.  Add more ink for a stronger color effect.  Allow to dry.

Once they are dry, seal them with at least two more coats your Mod Podge.  I used the Outdoor to seal (even though my Gloss is sitting nearby) – this is the most water resistant!

Your coasters are finished, but before you use them, I HIGHLY recommend spraying with an outdoor sealer to make them waterproof.

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About Amy A

Amy Anderson is a 32-year-old transplant from Seattle living in Atlanta, Georgia. She was born from creative genes, and is carrying on the tradition. She has been knitting for 17 years, sewing for longer and decoupaging for just a few. She does all of these things on a daily basis, or at least as much as she can. In addition to Mod Podge, Amy loves the color blue, dogs, reading, cold weather, funny movies, road rallies, yogurt, garden gnomes, sock monkeys, running, tattoos, being outdoors, buttons, snuggling and apparently blogging. Amy says “who knew I could enjoy crafting and then blogging about it this much?” You can find more of Amy’s work at “Mod Podge Rocks!”

2 thoughts on “Coasters

  1. Cath

    Love the fact that you could coordinate colors and patterns to match different tablecloths or placemats. You can be creative and do something with all the paper stuff you have on hand other than make cards. Nice intro to a product I haven’t used.

  2. Zura

    I am wondering what type of coasters these were? Are they the papery type you sometimes get in bars and restaurants?

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