Sparkle’s Car Art

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By Sparkle E. Glitter from the blog “Sparkle Studio”.

Why not?  My niece just got a car. It is not cute. When you are 17, it is hard to drive a big old ugly car.  I told her that one day she will look back and brag on how she had the world’s ugliest car.  But for now, life is a journey, just go along for the ride.  So, we both made car signs for our cars.  They turned out way cuter than our cars. 

Make one for your car.  People will honk and wave or give you the thumbs up.  Here is what you need:

Try this:

1.  Print patterns.  Turn paper over and trace pattern lines on back with a heavy line of pencil.  Place patterns right side up, on magnet sheet.  Retrace lines.

2.  Fill in pattern areas with Sparkle 21. The thicker you apply Sparkle 21, the more it will glitter in the sun.  Let the glitter dry.  It will take up to 48 hours.

3.  While the glitter is wet, set the gem at the front of the car to make a headlight.

4.  When the glitter is dry, use scissors to cut out the car and cut around words with a wavy line.

Stick to the car.  Cute!

Glitter on!


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