Romancing the Hand…

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By Recycled Crafts Contributor, Anitra from the blog “Coffee Pot People”. 

I’ve enjoyed, and still wear, my fingerless mitts, but spring is coming. Can you feel it? The candytuft in the front yard is already blooming, and the bulbs are up. There’s a fragrant narcissus next to the deck already perfuming the air, and March is, after all the month of spring romances.

That definitely calls for feminine touches of flowers, lace, and all things delicate. Let’s dress our hands in fairy gauntlets for spring!

You’ll need:

To begin, make a pattern like the one shown below:


Fold a square of paper the same size as the handkerchief on the diagonal, and measure 4 inches from the point, on the fold. Draw a line straight down from that point. It will be four inches, too. Now measure from the point to about the length of the gauntlet you’re making. (Fold your handkerchief in half on the diagonal, and measure to the center to get that measurement.) Draw a line straight down from there, that’s about 4 1/2 inches long. Now “connect the dots”–draw a straight line from the 4″ line to the line you just drew.

That pattern fits my hand. To be sure it fits yours, open out the pattern and fold it around your hand. It should fit, but not too snugly, but we’re cutting the handkerchief on the diagonal (bias), which will lend stretchiness to it.

You’re done with the hardest part!

Fold your hanky into quarters, on the diagonal, and pin your pattern to it, with the long side on the fold, and cut. On the short side, the opposite end of the points, there will be another fold. Split that, which creates the two pieces you need:

On the short sides, away from the point, iron a narrow hem, but don’t stitch it yet.

Now, with the right sides of each gauntlet folded together, stitch the long sides, using a narrow seam, and then stitch the hem. 

You now have two tubes, with a pretty point on one end, and a straight hem on the other. All you need now is a way to keep them in place on your hands. To do that, thread a darning needle with a length of elastic string/thread. (I’ve chain crocheted mine, to make it heavier, but it isn’t strictly necessary to do that.)

Insert the point of the needle in the right side of one of the flowers and pull through, leaving a loop that will comfortably fit around your middle finger. Take a single stitch to secure it, tie a knot, and cut the thread. Repeat with the other flower.

On the wrong side of each flower, spread a thin coat of fabric glue. (I used Aleene’s Okay to Wash It.) Glue the flowers to the inside of the gauntlet, just below the points. Let dry, and you’re done!

One last thing: You still have two corners of your hanky left. If the hankerchief is a fair sized one, they’re actually large enough to make sweet little gauntlets for a child of age 3 to 6 or so.

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About Anitra

Anitra Cameron had the good fortune to be born into a family where creativity ran rampant. Her father has authored several books and worked as a photographer and her mother hand-painted portraits. Anitra’s favorite crafts to make are: Jewelry (especially using buttons), collaged book marks, miniature cake stands, all from recycled materials. Anitra’s moto: “Use it up. Wear it out. Make it do, or do without.” Live with that long enough and you’ll never want to throw anything away, so best to turn it into art! Anitra lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, where their combined family’s total seven children, and (so far) seventeen grandchildren. Recently Anitra became a great-grandmother of a darling little boy! You can find more of Anitra’s work at “Coffee Pot People”.

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