Glitter Circles Pitcher and Glasses

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By Guest Blogger, Sparkle E. Glitter from the blog “Sparkle Studio”.

Recently, I saw a very expensive set of glass pitcher and 4 glasses in a nice specialty store.  It made me want to have a picnic right then.  The glass was fused and had many colors decorating it.  I knew that I could make something I would like just as much.  Target had inexpensive blanks, I bought 4 glasses in a set for $1.99.  Can’t beat that!

I sat at my work table for a couple hours, put in a DVD movie and started glittering.  There is no pattern to follow.  Just make circles.  So easy and so pretty!

You Need:

Sparkle 21: 2 bottles each Vintage Sparkle, Ocean Sparkle, Jungle Sparkle (or other colors of your choice)

Clear pitcher and glasses

Try This:

Clean outside of pitcher and try not to touch the clean surface.

On surface of pitcher, randomly using three colors, make circles of Sparkle 21.

Make them close together.  Some circles will have one color, some two, some three.   Make circles travel up the sides of the pitcher as high as you desire.  Let dry completely before using.

Glasses: Repeat same process for glasses.

TIP: Sparkle 21 is permanent on glass.  Let it cure at least 48 hours before using.  It can be washed by hand.  Do not submerge in sink for extended period or put in the dishwasher.

Use colors that match your dishes, or wedding colors, or school colors.

Glitter on!


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