Free Stuff Friday!!

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This week’s giveaway is just right for the beginner or expert crafter. We’ve got the Beadalon Tool Kit and the Craft Mates Ezy Snappin’ Mega Organizer to give away!

Every Friday we’re posting a giveaway on Think Crafts. All you have to do to enter is comment on the blog post answering the question of the week. We’ll pick the winners and contact them via email. One entry per person please.

The Beadlon Tool Kit comes complete with all the tools you need to begin beading. It is ready to travel and keeps tools neatly organized. This tool Kit with Zip Pouch features Chain Nose Pliers, Round Nose Pliers, Wire Cutters (with blue colored handles), Tweezers, a Bead Scoop, Snips, and Six Modular & Stackable Drawers all zipped into a handy storage pouch. Store various findings and beads in the Stackable Drawers.

Craft Mates Snappin’ Organizer comes with the ultimate organizer boxes that won’t accidentally open! This organizer is the perfect way to store all your small objects for beading, scrapbooking, sewing and more. The locking caddies have contoured compartments, made so things slide out with ease! Just push on the locking tab and lift up on the lid. The compartment lid will relock when it is closed.

Question of the Week: What is the one craft tool you couldn’t craft without?

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47 thoughts on “Free Stuff Friday!!

  1. Mary

    I have my deviled egg tray to put all my beads that I am using in it. It’s best handy tool I know. The tool I have to have when beading is a thimble because the leather is thick and it helps to push the needle through.

  2. Christina Wilson

    I just love to bead. I relaxes me to make patterns and organize. I love to collect the most beautiful beads! 😉

  3. Hanny Pool

    Wow what a prize best luck to the luck girl who wins. I cant go without my paper cutter and I always use my selfhealing cutting mat.

  4. Colleen Rutledge

    My favorite tool: Those little wedge-shaped makeup sponges. I can paint with them, smear ink on the edges of paper, use them as a stamp…… I keep them handy and grab them whenever I can.

  5. Laura Major

    This is a silly tool, but I am always using “toothpicks” for lots of projects. They make great little small holes (of course), painting small areas, painting dots, cleaning out bottles that are stopped up or cleaning up a messy area(the flat ones are great for that), applying small amounts of glue, holding and picking up small beads or sequins, and oodles of more reasons!
    Would Love to WIN!

  6. Mary

    The one craft tool I couldn’t live without, huh?

    I suppose I would have to say my paintbrush. I use it pretty much every day. It’s great for embellishing with paint, applying Mod Podge, applying glue, etc. I also let my 2 year old daughter use it to paint and that brings me immense joy. 🙂

  7. Vie

    I just started to get into beading.Using old tools, with rust on them euuuu.. I would have to say my double ended embosser. I have a bunch of them some with the ball off for making small hole in things. They are so handy. Of course a new set of beading tools would be just fantastic..

  8. Judy Miller

    I’m new to both card making and bead work. I couldn’t get along without my oversize lap desk! This allows me to sit comfortably in my chair, keep my tools and supplies on the chairside table next to me, and craft away for hours at a time … No tired back or legs!

  9. Beckie

    I couldn’t live without my “spare hands”. It’s a device with clips on both ends and a magnifying glass in between. This has helped me keep from de-stringing my necklaces and has given me the ability to make much better crimps. It also makes a dandy “drying rack” for my rummikub pieces!

  10. Mryia

    I have a craft mat from Ranger. I use it every time I make anything at home. I love that it is heat resistant and that alcohol based inks do not stick to it (or soak through it). Plus it is flexible so if I need to I can just pick it up, bend it, and pour stuff off into a container to reuse it or into the trash.

  11. Jenny

    I have a pencil box sized container that stores all my little accessories. I love that container because it fits into small places and I can take it with me when I’m crafting on the go. The only downside is that it’s full. I could definitely use this day’s Free Stuff!

  12. Sandi

    The one tool that I absolutely cannot live without is a lapdesk with pockets on the sides. It makes any project portable, keeps everything I need handy, and also provides that much needed flat smooth surface we crafters must have.

  13. Liz Kelm

    The one tool I find myself reaching for more than any other is the Glue GLider Pro….even have my boys using it for school papers and projects. We call it the ‘zip-zip’. For all purpose adhesive it’s the bomb!

  14. Nicki Dennis

    The one tool I can’t do without is a little pair of pliers my husband gave me. I don’t know why they are so important to me but the other day when I thought I lost them behind the couch I just about went nuts. I couldn’t do anything until I found them. They are good for everything from beading to needlework. Ya’lls web pages are great keep up the good work.

  15. Kim McMichael

    Just one- this is hard! I guess the tool I can’t live without is my paper cutter. My teenage daughter is always borrowing it and forgetting to return it. I guess I could cut paper with scissors, but my paper cutter works so much better!

  16. Christine P

    This is very difficult! There’s always at least one tool for every craft that I wouldn’t want to be without, but, I would hate to have to give up Photoshop. I’ve used it to design images for Halloween costumes, creating funny postcards, and a mobile for my son. I haven’t tried beading yet, but there’s an earring craft using shrink plastic and beads that I’d like to try!

  17. Nanette

    I’m going to have to say my laptop. I have so many thigs stored in there. Tons of great blogs, websites stored in “my favorites”, great tutorials, inspirational photos, and good music to work by.

  18. Jennifer

    I love my Ott Light. Its full spectrum light lets my eyes relax, and lets me see the true colors of the beads that I’m working with, not incandescently orangeish tinted jewelry. Very close runner up are my reading glasses, so I don’t end up with my beads 6 inches from my face. I don’t usually use glasses, but sometimes I really need to see the small stuff!

  19. Teri Ryan

    I couldn’t live without my needle nose pliers, but there are other tools I really need too, like the half-round pliers, and the bead crimping pliers. But If I had to pick just one it would be the needle nose pliers.

  20. Jeanine Ethirdge

    I need my crochet hook and a big eye beading needle!! It is impossible to just pick one tool. They are all important.

  21. M Millard

    I don’t know what I would do without my Melt Art Non-Stick Craft mat. It’s awesome…it’s really true that nothing sticks to it. No more messed up polymer clay, no more hardened droplets of resin on my work space. YEA!

  22. Melissa Mellor

    The one tool I could not live without is my seam ripper. It is the most needed tool in my arsenal. I rarely use it but don’t think I could sew without knowing it is near. I am so attached that I actually have a back up just in case the first is misplaced.

  23. Evelyn Smith

    If it is just one tool I would have to say my optivisor. It allows me to see everything close up without strain.

  24. April

    One tool Icould not live with out is my glue dots. I use them all the time when i am scrapbooking. Love them. musch less messy that glue sticks.

  25. Kara Powell

    The craft tool I couldn’t do without would be my bone-folder. I’m a perfectionist & I use my bone-folder ALL the time to make perfect creases & folds.

  26. Charlene McCreight

    I love to bead…often take beads with me when I go out…. Love the tool set! Organization is always an issue with me…… My “could not craft without” is, well…are my bone folder and a large reamer….you wouldn’t believe what all I use it on!!!!

  27. Debbie DeDecker

    Tweezers! I have like eight different sizes straddling a plastic box. I couldn’t craft without them! One pair is great for teeny-tiny objects while my larger pair that have rubber grips work great on those days that these old fingers just don’t work like they use to!

  28. Rhoda

    Boy, just one tool is tough but answerable. I just couldn’t do without wire cutters; I can use my fingers for many tasks but strong as they are, they cannot cut wires! 🙂

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