Getting The Craft To Say Cheese!

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More and more artists and crafters are using the web to sell their items. There are online auction sites, online craft fairs, and opportunities to create online shops. A key element of selling on such sites is to have crisp, clean photographs of your work.  You can find a list of photography tips here on

Most online artists and crafters offer these tips to get the perfect shots:

  • Take your photos outside to get the best light on your items.  Cloudy days are best as the filtered light helps bring pop to the photo.
  • Display your item in an interesting way, but don’t let the background or display become too busy. You want your item to be the main attraction.
  • Contrast your background and item. Light items on dark backgrounds and dark items on light backgrounds.
  • Take photos from many different angles and select the one that gives the best view of your item.
  • Use a tripod. Shaky hands led to unfocused images. Practice and get comfortable with your camera.


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