To All the Crafts I’ve loved!

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Welcome Guest Blogger and Designer, Phyllis Dobbs.

Phyllis Dobbs began her creative career 20 years ago designing in the needlework and crafts industry. Phyllis’ designs reflect a sense of whimsy and she is driven by her passion for color. Phyllis has created over 1500 designs that have been published in books for cross-stitch and quilt designs.

Phyllis' new fabric collection - It's a Dog's Life

I have crafted all my life and can’t imagine what life would be like without crafts.  I’m one of those people who have to keep my hands busy and if they aren’t, I feel like I’m wasting time, even if I’m being productive otherwise.  And being oriented toward creativeness, crafting fits right in.

For the past two or three years, a big trend has been “retro” with various decades being a hot trend influence.  When I see remembrances of these decades in fashion or home décor, I also recall the crafts that I was doing when I was wearing the original versions of these fashions. (Yes, even bell-bottoms!)

I started crafting at an early age and learned cross stitch, sewing and quilting from my mother and aunt.  Although needlework has remained my “craft specialty” and the medium that I have devoted most of my designing career to, I have tried and loved them all. 

Because of my great love of crafts, I started designing.  My career started in the 80’s during the height of another craft dynasty – counted cross stitch.  At that time, there was a cross stitch shop on nearly every corner.  I jumped in with both feet and self published cross stitch books and leaflets.  I was successful and enjoyed my new career. 

When cross stitch began losing its popularity, I also began designing quilt patterns and started a freelance design career. Giving up self-publishing, I designed for other publishers for magazines and books.  I continued trying new craft mediums and created designs using these mediums.  I designed with beads, creating jewelry, tassels and adding them to cross stitch and quilting. I loved ribbon embroidery and authored several ribbon embroidery books.  In hard crafts, I loved to design mosaics. 

For the past 8 years, I have been painting.  I have translated my painting into product design through art licensing.  With my love of quilting and fabrics, I have been thrilled to have my art licensed for fabrics with Quilting Treasures.  My newest fabric collection, It’s a Dog’s Life is debuting next week at the International Quilt Market.  Throughout all my years of crafting, my style has evolved into whimsy combined with brilliant color.  My career as a designer started with seeds – all those seeds of being taught by my mother and aunt, and then from all those various crafts I loved over the years.  If you love something, it can take you on a path you never anticipated. 

It's a Dog's Life Fabric Collection

Happy crafting,

Phyllis Dobbs

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One thought on “To All the Crafts I’ve loved!

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  2. melissa

    what a wonderful post. i love phyllis’s work and have been a fan for years. i love reading about her creative path and what inspires her.

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