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Reasons To Scrapbook

I just found this list I made of ideas I had for scrapbook pages!  Although it is over a year old, the ideas are still fun ones.  Did I forget anything?  Can you add to my list?

Your Home

Your Garden

Your Car

A Writing Pen

Your Favorite Song

Your Favorite Book

Your Favorite Movie

That Special Look

Your Favorite TV Show

Your Last Vacation

Your Best Vacation

Joy & Jubilation

Your Beloved Pet

Your Child

Your House Plants

Your Favorite Color

A Big Brother

Your Biggest Dream

Your Faith

Your Best Friend

Kicking A Bad Habit

A Catcher’s Mitt

Your Exercise Routine

Your Favorite Food

Flavor of Ice Cream

A Daydream

Your Hobbies

The Neighborhood

Your Grandmother

Your Grandfather

Your Aunt

Your Uncle

Crying Uncle

Being First Born

Being An Only Child

The Baby of the Family

A Hissy Fit

First Home

Your Summer Home

Your Home Town

Most Prized Heirloom

Your Favorite Tree

Your First Crush

Your Last Crush

Getting Lost

Being Found

Finding Your Keys

Hitting The Piano Keys

The Florida Keys

A Summer Breeze

Your Hero

A Favorite Poem

A Poem By You

Your Office

Your Occupation

Your Career

Your Boss

Who’s The Boss

A Cow Paddy Toss

A Road Trip

Getting A Grip

Letting It Rip

A Sailing Ship

Your Niece

Your Nephew

Your Son

Your Daughter

What Makes You Smile

What Makes You Cry

What Makes You Proud

What Makes You Sigh

Words of Wisdom

Favorite Holiday

Best Thing About Spring

Best Thing About Summer

Best Thing About Fall

Your Favorite Plumber

Best Thing About Winter

Dancing The Night Away

Singing in the Shower

A Bubble Bath

Backyard Bird Bath

Bathing Your Dog

Bathing The Baby

Yes, No, or Maybe?

Catching A Frog

Getting Lost in the Fog

Drinking Eggnog

A Big Hug

Enjoying Company

Enjoying The Quiet

Playing a Game

Starting A Riot

Girl’s Night Out

Your Man And His Truck

Riding A Horse

The Truck Getting Stuck

Day at the Beach

Day at the Lake

Day at the Park

A Casual Clam Bake

Mowing the Lawn

Weeding A Bed

A Nap In A Hammock

Making The Bed

Before School

After School

Riding the Bus

Diving into a Pool

Roasting a Hot Dog

Marshmallow Roast

Grilling a Burger

Wearing Something Yellow

Feeling Kind of Mellow

Watching a Parade

Marching in a Parade

Catching a Wave

Making Lemonade

Caught in the Rain

Jumping in a Puddle

Umbrellas Open and Shut

Football Huddle

Boys Will Be Boys

Sugar & Spice

Girls Having Fun

Everything Nice

Christmas Stockings

Easter Hunts

Thanksgiving Turkeys

Boos, Screams & Grunts

A Wedding

An Anniversary

A Birthday

Money Tree

Bank Of Dad

May Day

School Day

Make Hay

Let’s Play



Who’s On First?

Peanuts & Popcorn

Mother Earth

In The Jungle

At The Zoo

Finding Love

Giving Love

Treasuring Love

Lost Loves

Mittens & Gloves

Paper, Scissors, Rock

High School Jock

Knitting A Mitten

Got A New Kitten

Walking The Dog

Did You See A Hog?

Wine Fest

Cheese Fest

You’re the Best

Leaving the Nest

Water Balloon Fight

Starry Night

All Night Crop

Hugging Pop

Watering The Lawn

Stepping Stones

Kidney Stones

Nibbling On Scones

High Tea

High Noon

Watching A Favorite Cartoon

First Date

Learning to Skate

Popcorn and a Movie

Hair In Curlers

Run In Your Hose

Tripping High Heels

Potatoes to Peel

Adhesive Considerations When Scrapbooking

Archival Needs.  Acid Free?

Read the packaging and labeling.  Most manufacturers will note if adhesive or glue is acid free on packaging or labeling.  In most cases, you need acid free glue when adhering a photo.  Most adhesives will not migrate to other areas so having acid free adhesive might not be critical for embellishments or paper arts like cardmaking, collage, or altered art.

The Surface Matters.  Porous or Nonporous?

Select adhesive or glue that is right for your surface and that means you need to know if your surface is porous or nonporous.  If you have both types, use a glue designed for the nonporous surface.  A porous surface breathes (paper, fabric, unfinished wood) while a nonporous surface is slick (plastics, sealed wood).

You can see clearly that it dries clear?

Not all glues dry clear.  You need to check the package and labeling to make sure the glue you plan to use dries clear if there is any chance it will be seen.  Sometimes, no matter how clear the glue is, it will show on certain surfaces, for example, vellum papers.  Transparent materials like vellum will always be difficult to get a true clear finish to once adhesive is used consider your adhesive placement and use embellishments to cover the glue.

Bonding Differences.  Permanent or Temporary?

We usually assume adhesives and glues are permanent, but that isn’t always the case.  If you need a permanent bond make sure the product packaging and labeling indicate the adhesive or glue is permanent.  Why use a temporary glue?  You may want to reposition or remove a photo or element at some future date.  Temporary glue will bond, but the bond releases with slight pressure so you will not tear a photo or paper.  If the photo is valuable or one of a kind consider using photo corners.

Working Area.  Open A Window?

All glues are chemical, but some adhesives and glues have a strong odor and should be used in a well-ventilated room.  Open a window or use this glue outside.  Keep out of reach of children.  This glue needs to be tightly sealed or it will dry quickly and make it un-useable.  You should also note that some adhesives and glues bond quickly, while others must dry.  Epoxies and hot melts have a shorter working time than most liquid glues while tapes often bond instantly.

Liquid, Solid, Tape, or Hot Melt?

In most cases this is a personal choice.  Liquid glue takes some practice and knowing that less is usually more when using any liquid glue.  Solid adhesive is best around photos to limit any damage done by using too much adhesive.  Experiment and understand that no one adhesive or glue can do every job needed for scrapbooking and the paper arts.  Also remember that some adhesives also help add dimension to a project (pop dots, glue dots, foam tapes)

Dreams Can Come True…

I always wanted to be an artist when I grew up.  However my attempts at drawing never made it past the stick figure phase.  My color sense is almost embarrassing.  And I don’t have the patience to apply myself to one thing and perfect it.  I just don’t have the attention span.  Yet, in my heart, I still want to grow up and be an artist.


I love rubberstamping because when I stamp I am an artist.  My drawing is perfect with each impression.  Who needs color theory when my imagination can create purple cows and green moons?  My watercoloring doesn’t have to be perfect in my little mini masterpieces.  I can blend colored pencils, chalks, and pastels with ease.  When I close my eyes, I am an artist and it feels wonderful.

I also like rubberstamping because of all the color!  You can do a design in bold rich colors and make the same design with soft natural earth tones.  Chalk inks are available in such a variety of hues and textures.  Yet, this craft doesn’t have to be expensive.  Once you have the basics you really can create for months.  What did you want to be when you grow up?  Is there a craft that makes you feel like an artist?

I Love Jewelry!

JewelryI’ll confess that I love jewelry even though I don’t wear a lot of it.  I especially love jewelry that my friends have made just for me!  Jewelry is the craze no matter what the season, but look for big, bold, chunky, and sassy to be the style of jewelry for the rest of 2008.  Think hot pink, fuchsia, turquois, deep blue sea, and in your face green!  Beads are going to be bigger than we’ve seen in a few seasons and with lots of fun crazy shapes.

Clasps aren’t just for keeping a bracelet on your wrist or necklace around your neck.  Top jewelry designers are making clasps part of the overall design of the jewelry piece.  Just like a focal bead, the beautiful clasps are front and center.  While clasps are being shown off, earring findings are getting petite and very simple so that the finding almost disappears allowing a focus on drop gems, stones, beads, and more.

Buttons also seem to be having a revival in jewelry making.  You’ll be seeing all kinds of button jewelry from rings to hair bobbles to anklets.  Old buttons are being mixed with new buttons.  Plain buttons are being mixed with novelty buttons.  It’s a great craft for young and old.  I’ve got a stash of buttons given to me by dozens of people and I store the buttons in old glass jars as part of my studio décor.

Jewelry is always in fashion.  Making your own jewelry pieces allows you to personalize your jewelry to your personality, wardrobe, and mood.  You can string, weave, glue, sew, and so much more in this craft category.  There is something for everyone!

If at first you don’t succeed…

Do you remember your first craft project?  Mine was at a summer camp and it was a braided lanyard.  I hated it!  I just couldn’t get my fingers to work together to create a braid.  At the ripe old age of 9 I decided I was not a creative person.  In hindsight, BIG mistake.  I came up with an excuse every time a creative opportunity was given to me.  Failing to make that lanyard left me feeling like a failure.

My next attempt at art and craft came when I was about 18 and a friend’s mother taught me needlepoint. We’d all sit around the TV and she would be stitching away.  It didn’t look too hard and I wanted to make some Christmas presents.   I loved it!  From there I went on to cross-stitch, embroidery, and painting.  Today, I think I’ve tried every art and craft I know of, not to say there isn’t something out there ready to be discovered or looked at in a new way!

My point is that just because you might not like one art or craft doesn’t mean you will not fall in love with the next craft you try.  The point is that you should keep trying!  There is really nothing as satisfying as making something with your hands.  Few of us are a total success the first time we try anything new.  A way to see your progress is to keep one of your first projects in a medium or technique.  In a couple weeks or months, compare that first piece with your current work.  You’ll see progress and that’s what craft is all about!

We Will Blog You, Blog You…Introducing Think Crafts

I think most of us have days when we love technology and days when we curse technology.  I remember my husband suggesting that I try a thing called a computer to type up my articles.  I’d roll my eyes and gently tap my dear old electric typewriter saying, “Who needs a needs a computer when I have a speed demon like this baby right here.”  However, once I figured out that I never had to use that thick white liquid that I got everywhere but the place I was trying to correct a typing mistake, I was sold on the computer. 

The first computer - The Eniac

The Eniac – one of the first computers ever built.

Since my first computer, I’ve never looked back.  The Internet.  E-mail.  The World Wide Web.  Searches. Keywords. Newsgroups.  Forums.  Uploads & Downloads. Been there.  Done that.  Enjoyed it. Hated it.  Loved it.  I try to keep up, but there is always something new and exciting.  Now I’m learning podcasts, widgets, web videos, social networking and best of all blogs.   I was introduced to the web via Prodigy and AOL.  My viewpoint of the web has not changed much from my first impression.  I was fascinated that it was so easy to connect with other artists and craftspeople.  How wonderful it was to share information and be inspired by other creative folks. 

At times being creative can be a little isolating, but interacting with other creative people keeps my creative projects young, fresh, innovative, and brings new insight to my thoughts and ideas.  I can work and play with people and companies all over the country and all over the world without ever leaving my home.  Yet, the world can enter my home bringing with it endless possibilities for growth and dreams.  I read about techniques, I see photos of great craftsmanship, and I can even watch how-to videos when I can’t figure out what I’m doing!

I’m so excited about this new section of CreateForLess.  We are blogging!  It’s a chance to be more interactive with all of you.  It’s a chance to share ideas and exchange tips and techniques.  The next best thing to crafting is talking about crafting in my humble opinion!  Most of us learned a craft or technique from a family member or friend.  This blog is a chance to pass that knowledge on to others. Let’s hear from you!  Let’s blog!

Think Crafts is a transition from the Expert Craft Advice section at CreateForLess, but all the wonderful articles about trends, the business of selling crafts, techniques, and tips are still available right here!  Now, you can tell me what techniques you’d like to know more about, share your own innovations and projects, and check out what others are doing.  I can’t wait to get started, how about you?

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