Top Tips For Displaying Your Crafts

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Displaying your craft items is an important part of your selling plan. When you walk into your favorite gift shop do you find the items for sale just laying on tabletops and placed here and there on shelves? More than likely, your gift shop spends time creating interesting displays that will catch your eye and hopefully open your pocketbook. You need to do the same for your customers!

  1. Create a theme in your display and you will create a mood for your buyers. If you sew or quilt use an old sewing machine as a prop and scatter a few buttons around your work. Seasonal displays catch the buyers’ eye and remind them there are gifts to buy. If you sell ornaments, then decorate a tree.
  2. Never assume the potential buyer understands how to use your product. Use signs to explain your product or show examples of how the product is used. A sign should be simple and easy to read. If you sell plant sticks or pokes, display them in a pot of real flowers. If you sell eyeglass cases show several of the cases with glasses sticking out.
  3. Use color with flair. Coordinate or contrast color within a display. Don’t let your items blend into the background or get lost in the display. And at the same time don’t let a color overwhelm the display. The eye is attracted to yellow and red, which mean to most of us that we should be paying attention.
  4. Change you display frequently. Move items around and changes props. Regular customers get “bored” if they see the same display each time they shop. You don’t have to make drastic changes, but move items around to create a new look.
  5. Step back from your display and look at it from the customer’s point of view. Does the display catch your eye and invite you in to buy? What catches your eye first? Are there any items you didn’t notice at all? Ask a few friends to give you feedback on your displays and then use that knowledge to better your display.Displaying your crafts at a home party, outdoor craft show or in a craft mall doesn’t have to be a complicated process, but it is one that should get some of your creativity. Think of a craft display as your way of creating your own little shop for your craft items. Make it a shop that customers want to return to often!
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