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Trends In 2008 – Needlearts

Cross-stitch is the classic and getting plenty of attention with new and modern designs and patterns. Look for more embellishing in finished pieces especially buttons and charms. Needle punch (or is that Punch Needle?) continues to grow in popularity. This very old needleart has been modernized with cotton and silk threads/flosses in very trendy colors. Most designs have a country, pop art, or family flair, but if you branch out into books you’ll find just about any theme you could dream of. The needle punch needle has been updated and you can customize your needs for 1, 2, 3, 4, and more threads.

Rugs are back! Look for handmade, hooked, and punched rugs in magazines and movies. Everyone loves the warm feeling that these crafted floor coverings offer to our homes. But don’t stop at the floor! Many projects call for rugs to be hung for wall art. Embroidery rounds out this category. Motifs for embroidery have a wide spectrum from bright and sassy for teenagers to classic country for homes. Kits are a great way to introduce and learn about stitching techniques so you can go out on your own for clothing, jewelry, pillows, and more.

Trends In 2008 – Paper Art and Craft

Paper is the foundation of this craft category and variety is the high note. More than ever you can find any color, texture, or pattern. From handmade favorites to vintage patterns, paper artists and crafters couldn’t be happier. Vintage is still the color category of choice with 20-30 somethings, but look for dreamy watercolors and sparkling primaries too.

Card making is a strong grouping in the paper arts and crafts. The variety of embellishments has made this a fast growing craft for all skill levels. Designs are simple and streamlined with a complete focus on a key embellishment. Words are being kept simple too. Rub-ons, transfers, word stamps, and stick on letters are the most popular form of adding words to a card.

And speaking of rubber-stamping! Lots of sparkle in inks and embossing powders, plus a little sprinkle of glitter can’t hurt. Most designs are showing some kind of glimmer and what my mom used to call, fancy pants finishing. Most stamp designs are bold (influence of scrapbooking); the only fine lines are in word stamps. Plenty of foam stamps in the mix, but clear, un-mounted sets seem the most popular.

Punches seem to have expanded out of scrapbooking, but the new punches here on are perfect for all kinds of paper art and craft from card making to collage. Punches are coordinating and easy to build design by using small, medium, and large. Die cutting machines are introducing great shapes and forms making it easy to invest your time and money.

Trends In 2008 – Scrapbooking

Can you say embellishments? Chipboard and ribbon are getting the headlines in scrapbooking. Scrapbookers are discovering and enjoying using all kinds of craft techniques on their pages. Antiquing and aging are still very popular with simpler overall design that focuses back onto the photo(s). Embellishments in metal, wood, fabric, ribbon, and paper lead the way. Don’t forget with the heavier embellishments it is important to use strong adhesives so your bond is solid. Even embellishments that come with adhesive can always use a little help with a dot of glue or line of tape.

Doodling and abstract drawing on scrapbooking pages is seeing some focus. But no worries for those of us without artistic talent because templates will help make this trend an easy one to include. With this trend, you’ll see more journaling shown. For a time, journaling on pages seemed out, but it’s so important to the overall goal of the scrapbooker so designers and experts are reinforcing the message that you need to write your story on your pages too. Check out the great pens and acid free markers here at

Mini and single focus scrapbooks are still a hit. Scrapbookers love making mini and small scrapbooks to give as gifts or keepsakes for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations. One of my favorites is to make a scrapbook using a greeting card by just adding some folded pages at center. Create photo layouts on the blank pages and poof! You have a scrapbook to give as a gift! I prefer using blank cards like those found on so I can get creative with the cover too.

Trends In 2008 – Sewing

Get out the sewing machine, oil it up and get ready to have some fun! Sewing is making a huge comeback in all age categories especially with the 20-somethings. Forget the stress of home-ec class and relax while creating some doll clothes or new kitchen curtains. One of the key factors to sewing making such a comeback is that the variety of materials and supplies has grown so much in the last few years.

Embellishments do entice and make finishing touches sparkle. Both attire and home décor are popular projects. Falling into this category is hand sewing and also machine embroidery. Accessories and accents that take a few hours or a weekend lead the way for more time consuming projects. Once you start sewing, you get hooked and are ready for bigger challenges.

Trends In 2008 – Paint and Brush

Traditional painting and even paint by numbers is showing a comeback in 2008. More kits and books will be available. Canvas seems to be the surface of choice with wood objects following very close behind. It’s hip not to frame canvas, but just hang it on the wall in groupings. Bold designs with tropical and abstract flavor are popular. Little shading is seen, but highlighting seems bolder and has a big impact.

Brushes do the main work when painting and take advantage of the specialty brushes if you want to add some texture or highlight to your projects. Stenciling is seeing a big interest especially in home décor and paper arts. Who would have thought that scrapbookers would be grabbing paint and brush? Well, they are and they are loving it. Cardmakers are including more paint in designs too.

Trends In 2008 – Jewelry and Beads

Jewelry is getting bolder and bigger. Big focal pendants and beads are a focus for jewelry designs with simple chains or fibers. Earrings are getting intricate, complex and larger too, while bracelets seem to be keeping it simple and charming. Natural beads are popping up made of materials like bone, wood, shell, and of course glass. Crystals are a classic and everyone loves sparkle and shine.

Tools are expanding. Everything from hand tools to very specific tools for one task like jump rings or knotting. And get ready for more ways to organize all of your jewelry pieces and parts. You can’t use it if you can’t find it. Jewelry is made up of so many tiny components that organization is just a must-do!

Jewelry designs being shown are earthy, toned-down and bright, bold! It’s always an extreme in jewelry since there are so many influences. Match your colors to your mood and the clothes in your closet. There is a trend to not be matchy-matchy, but to throw in a color or two that just pops.

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