Let’s Paint Pots for Home Decor

By Guest Blogger Satya from the blog Craftopedia

Satya shares tons of tips for painting in all different mediums and on many different things. Check out the YouTube tutorials for even more explanations!

DIY Water Marbled Pot

From India to Netherlands, from Egypt to Japan, Pottery and pot paintings had a deed relation with home decoration. Having richly crafted pottery will enhance the classic look of any house. The ancient ‘Pietra dura’ floral designs will give a traditional appearance while abstract patterns provide a modern look to your pots. Thus, for people looking for a hobby that is economical and will improve the look of your interiors is – Pot Painting.

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Hand Painted Sprout Planters

By Home Decor Contributor Alyssa

Get excited about living a healthy lifestyle with pretty hand painted planters to hold cress sprouts!

I committed recently to a healthier lifestyle. My norm used to be weekly runs to Taco Time, frequent binge watching of Netflix shows, the occasional walk on my lunch break to get out of the office, but not much else in the way of exercise. After realizing that while this lifestyle was easy, it was not making me feel very good about myself, something clicked in my brain and I became very determined to change. Enter the fun new healthy recipes, weird apartment-sized exercise equipment, and desperate attempt to make this drastic change a bit more convenient for myself. Although these little planters are just a small step in the right direction, they’re fun and they inspire me to make good choices every time I see them.

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Paint Chip Crafts

By Craft Trends Contributor, Lacey. Check out our Craft Trends board on Pinterest!

As a broke college student, I am a big fan of crafting on a budget. The trend of paint chip crafts is one that keeps the budget low and the results high. Though it’s not cool to clear out the whole paint sample section of your local hardware store, grabbing a few samples for crafting every once in a while is an acceptable practice. Especially when the results look this good. Check out some of my favorite crafts with this technique.

Paint Chip Bunting - Think CraftsPaint Chip BuntingThink Crafts

This paint chip bunting is perfect for any occasion. Though the rainbow colors are a great option, using event specific colors could also be a great option. I plan to make one for the “Football Sundays” I’m currently having to attend, because the best way to approach football is with crafts.

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Painted Pebble Pendant

By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Pretty Pebble Pendant

Here’s a fun way to create a unique piece of jewelry with your own custom artwork.  This is a fun project to do on your own, or great to do with kids.  Go take a walk around the neighborhood and pick up the perfect pebbles, then come home and get to creating your own pretty necklace pendants.

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Sandy Seashore Painting

By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

DIY a summery painting

What’s more summery than a vacation to the seashore?  Use the sand and shells you collect this summer from your own trip to the beach to make this painting as a neat keepsake of your fun memories, or just use purchased shells and some sand you collect at home to make this painting for some pretty, summery coastal-themed home decor.  Any way you create it, the results will have you dreaming of the deep, blue sea!

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