2018 Resolution: Organize my Craft Desk

My 2018 New Year’s resolution (one of many) was to organize the craft supplies at my work desk! Projects include a spiffy painted and fabric-covered drawer organizer, storage rack, chipboard caddy, ruler rack, and even an updated mouse pad!

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Hanging Pocket Organizer

Since January is National Organization Month, I thought it was a perfect time to work on decluttering my desk. I have a few file folders and papers that permanently made a home on one corner of my desk. I didn’t want to try to stash them away in a file cabinet somewhere, that is where they started, and obviously, didn’t stay. This Hanging Pocket Organizer by Paper Accents is the perfect solution, and can be decorated using a variety of different techniques!

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10 Free DIY Organizers

Getting organized is usually a pretty daunting undertaking. In addition to the thought of going through your endless piles of stuff, you also have to figure out a way to store it so that it doesn’t revert back to its previous state. This means a lot of costly bins and organizers, or does it? I’ve rounded up a few simple hacks using recycled materials and supplies that every crafter is bound to have lying around. Now, you don’t have any excuses, get organized with me!

Recycled crafts from old cans

Repurposed Dipped Cans

Grab some old tin cans out of the recycling bin and give them some new life with a little paint. Perfect for pencils and pens, or whatever else needs a little corralling.

See the other 9 organizing ideas…

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Organized In Three Steps

Organization: the act, process, or condition of structure to arrange a complete and functional whole; set up an administrative structure; to arrange by systematic planning and united effort.

There are times when even the thought of organization seems baffling and overwhelming to even the most structured soul. It is almost as if the act of organizing is too staggering, yet, being organized is an effective way to get more work done in a given day. A recent consumer magazine stated that by simply having ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’ a person can save three days in a year. Imagine, an extra 72 hours in your schedule, by not spending those precious minutes hunting for the scissors, tracking down a shipping order, or running around aimlessly for the scrap of paper on which you wrote a supplier’s phone number.

Step One

For most professional crafters, the best way to handle any overwhelming job (yes, organization can seem like work) is to break the job of organization down into smaller tasks. The first step is to become a list maker. Memory is an interesting (and mysterious) concept for most creative individuals. It is wisest not to rely on one’s memory to get organized. Most creative people have great memories when it comes to things they enjoy, but the memory gets very selective when the “boring” things start to surface and need to be tackled. Grab a notebook or journal and make it the permanent location for all your lists. As you become more organized this notebook will start take form with categories and subcategorizes. But if you are a beginner, just starting your journey into becoming organized, take it slow and be content with finding a place for your list notebook. Commit that place to memory!

Your first list should be a list of questions that will help you get organized.

  • What you need more time to do?
  • What you feel needs organizing within your business?
  • What items/tasks would help you accomplish, schedule, coordinate rather than confuse your business?
  • What activities give you the most frustration?

The real key to organization is to know what it is you want to organize. Breaking down what you want to accomplish will allow you to focus on the goals you want to achieve. Putting your thoughts into writing is simply a way to organize the thoughts. Seeing it in black and white makes it all just a little less overwhelming, unless of course, your list gets lengthy! If the list is giving you heart palpitations, it is time to break the list up into small lists. This is actually a good thing. Dividing a list up means you have just taken a giant step towards organizing the chaos.

Step Two

Like all new adventures or any attempt at change, the road to organization has ups and downs, bumps and curves, and even a few icy patches that raise the hair on your neck! The second step to organization is to work with your natural thought patterns and processes rather than fight old habits. Creative people seldom recognize that their creativity is really a process. Creativity is grossly underrated by most. Creativity doesn’t just happen. Ideas don’t have any value unless someone notices and approves of the idea. The first person to “notice” the idea must be the idea creator. You! Pay close attention to how you come up with and utilize your creative thoughts, ideas, and designs. Find your own patterns, processes, steps, and organization. Don’t get organized by the book. Get organized by yourself.

An example that comes to mind for me is the fact that I rarely think alphabetical, but for me the organization of files is an easier process when placed into categories. I have over a hundred files of suppliers. I knew when I set up this file system for suppliers I would never remember the company names of all of them, however I could remember the categories of supplies that each provided. My supplier files are broken down into several categories: Current Suppliers, Hard Crafts and Soft Crafts. From these three categories I subcategorized the Hard and Soft Craft suppliers. Within Hard Craft are all the suppliers of Jewelry/Findings, Wood, Rubber Stamps, Brushes, and so on. Within Soft Craft are the suppliers of Fabric, Batting, and other soft craft supplies. The system works for me. I know where to find my suppliers without even blinking.

Step Three

Steps 1 and 2 will help you flow into step 3, which is as clear-cut and simple as any task you need to accomplish. Step 3: DO IT! No excuses, no delays, no putting it off until tomorrow. Just do it! Procrastination is the waste of time. Take a hard, long look at the tasks and jobs you put off. Is there a pattern? Is there a reason? Prioritize your work. Figure out what is most important. Figure out what timetable you must work within. Another key element of organization is scheduling your work. We tend to put off or procrastinate tasks or jobs that we dislike, cause discomfort, or we find boring. Yet, the worry that the job is not being completed causes more anxiety than the original task that needed to be accomplished.

When the steps to organization are applied to the Professional Crafter, the goal is to give the Professional Crafter a more effective and efficient work place. Don’t let the process of organization bewilder you. Look at making your work place more organized as an adventure. A creative trip to creating more time in your schedule and a more enjoyable work environment. One step at a time. One step closer to the perfect organizational being. As a matter of fact, as I flip thought my list notebook sitting here on my desk, I think I have a list for being perfect some where in it. Now, if I could only find it!

Five Ways To Be Organized in the Office:

  1. Touch mail once. Read mail the same time each day. Choose one of the following options: 1. Act. 2. Record and File. 3. Pitch it!
  2. Keep one calendar/schedule. Write everything down on the calendar as if happens. Start the day with a quick look at the current day and the next three days.
  3. Use an answering machine. Return calls at a set time each day. Use voice mail and leave messages for clients/suppliers/customers.
  4. Don’t allow your desk to become crowded or stacked. It is human nature to avoid confusion. Try to clear your desk each time you leave it. Every six months, remove all items, papers, catalogs, magazine, newsletters, etc. that you have not found useful.
  5. If possible, computerize your office. This tool is amazing! Computer programs on the market today take half the work out of organizing billing, invoices, correspondence, and many everyday office tasks.

Five Ways To Be Organized In Your Studio/Manufacturing:

  1. Schedule six months out and post all deadlines, due dates, and deliveries.
  2. Clear work areas at the end of each day to the best of your ability. Return all tools and supplies to the same place each day. This is a great time to clean, oil, or maintain tools.
  3. Break down a product/design into as many steps as possible. Work each step to the maximum, and then move on to the next step.
  4. Keep a current list of supplies or materials that are low or need to be ordered within the next month so you don’t run out without notice.
  5. Take breaks. Every 30 to 60 minutes, stand up and stretch or take a short walk. Refreshing your body and mind lead to clearer thought and more effective use of time. Use an answering machine when in production, interruptions break the rhythm of production.

Free Stuff Friday Winner!!

We hope you all had a fabulous summer weekend! Let’s get right to this week’s Free Stuff Friday winner. Congratulations to… Carrie! Enjoy your new organized desk!

This Everything Mary Desktop Organizer has 3 interior pockets, each measures 8 x 2 x 7 inch. It also comes with 8 open pockets and 1 closed lid hook & loop pocket on the outside. It is the perfect size for all your storage needs. Measures approximately 10 x 8 x 7 inch

The winning answer to “What was your biggest craft disaster?” is…

“My biggest disaster when crafting was a sewing project i accidentally sewed the scraps to the project.”

Every Friday we’ll post a giveaway on Think Crafts and all you have to do is comment on the blog post answering the question of the week.  Check back on Friday for your chance to win!!

Free Stuff Friday!!

Happy Friday, everyone! I’ve been on a bit of an organizing kick at my house lately, so I thought I’d help one of you organize as well. This week, enter to win an Everything Mary Desktop Organizer!

This Everything Mary Desktop Organizer has 3 interior pockets, each measures 8 x 2 x 7 inch. It also comes with 8 open pockets and 1 closed lid hook & loop pocket on the outside. It is the perfect size for all your storage needs. Measures approximately 10 x 8 x 7 inch.

Every Friday we’ll post a giveaway on Think Crafts and all you have to do is comment on the blog post answering the question of the week. We’ll pick the winners and contact them via email. Deadline is midnight tonight and the winner will be announced Monday. One entry per person please.

Question of the week: What was your biggest craft disaster?

If the comment box is not below, scroll to the top and click “replies”.

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