Decorative Mirror

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By Kid’s Craft Contributor Tracey, from the blog We Made That.

Easy Decorative Mirror with Martha Stewart Glass Paint

My oldest daughter has been wanting to redo her room again.  She started off with lady bugs when she was a baby then we did Dora when she was in preschool.  And now in first grade she is wanting something more grown up (come on she is getting too big for Dora already, where is my pause button?).

I am not ready to change her room yet, so in the meantime I thought we could start changing some of the rooms décor to things that are more “grown up” (as my daughter would say).  And that is how this project came to be.  We say this mirror in the store and she decided she needed it in her room.

Last month we tried out some Martha Stewart Glass Paint and it worked so well that I thought why not decorate the mirror with it!  I have to say these window clings we used were so much easier than I thought they would be.  My daughter really had so much fun painting them and sticking them to the mirror.  Once painted you just peel them off and stick them to a clean glass surface, easy peasy.   My daughter even changed her mind on the placement of the flowers she put on the mirror and she just peeled them off and put them back.  We have had no issues with them peeling off and it has been a few weeks already.

My daughter is so proud of the mirror the flowers look so great on it, and no one can believe she made it herself.




  Fill in Clings

Fill in your window clings with your glass paint.

Clean Mirror

Once the paint is dry on your clings, clean your mirror with rubbing alcohol (this gets it ready for you to apply the clings.

Peel and Stick

Simply peel and stick your clings to the mirror (I know SUPER easy!)

Decorative Mirror with Glass Paint. Tutorial at

Now you are ready to hang your mirror on the wall

DIY Silhouette Mirror

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By Home Decor Contributor Typhanie, from the blog Shoebox Decor.

Silhouette Mirror at


I’ve wanted to try this project for some time now. I love the thought of this mirror in a little girl’s room or some chic boutique hotel. I hope you guys love it and give it a try. Let me know if you have any questions…Happy Decorating Everyone!


Materials Needed:

Read the Tutorial After the Jump…

Read the rest…

Silver Antiqued Mirror

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By Craft Celebrity Mark Montano, from the blog Mark Montano’s Big Ass Blog.

Silver Antiqued Mirror

I like the look of antique crafts and silver leafing paints. Silver leafing looks very elegant. Antiquing isn’t a new technique, but finding a new way to add an antique look is always fun. This Silver Antiqued Mirror is done with 3 easy steps. You just need foil tape, gold & green acrylic paint and metallic spray paint. Take a look, it’s easy and looks great.

Christmas Air Fresheners

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Tracey, from the blog We Made That.

Christmas Air Fresheners

Since the girls are making gifts for everyone this year, I have been trying to figure out what they can make that people will not only want but can use.  That is when I thought about these fun Christmas air fresheners for the cars.

The way I figure it, is pretty much everyone in the family has a car so they can all use one of these beauties.  And my oldest had so much fun making them, she now can’t wait to give them to everyone.  The hardest thing about making everyone a gift is holding on to them till Christmas, she wants to give them all away now.

As far as what scent you want to make these, it is totally up to you.  We did some with just a gardenia sent, which I know is not really a Christmas sent however it is very light and smells great in the car (yes I had to try one out and have it hanging in the car already).  We are also doing some with a pine sent which is also a very light sent.  Since these are going in cars, I don’t want them to be too strong since they will be in a confined space.

Another thing to think about when picking a sent is if you use just regular scented oil you will need more oil than if you use essential oils.  Essential oils are much stronger so a little goes a long way.

These would also make a great project for school, or a play-date group.  And it will be a unique homemade gift that everyone will love.



Cut Template

Cut out your template.


Trace your templates onto your firm felt paper and then cut them all out.


Using your glue gun glue the center of the flower onto the flower and the hat onto the snowman.

Punch Hole

Punch a hole on the top of each air freshener.


Put your ribbon through the hole and tie off (try and make sure they are long enough to fit over the rear view mirror in a car)

Scented Oil

Using your eye dropper put some scented oil on the back of each one.

DIY Chirstmas Car Air Fresheners

Now you can wrap them up and give them as gifts or put them in stockings!

DIY Christmas Air Fresheners

Wallpaper Garland

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By Home Decor Contributor Jennifer from Brave New Home.

Fun DIY Garland from Wallpaper Samples. Tutorial at

I’ve been on a bunting and garland kick for the past few years—it’s just such an easy and festive way to instantly add some fun visual interest to any space.

2 - wallpaper garland materials

I had some gorgeous wallpaper samples that I was looking to use for something a bit more permanent than you would just cardstock.  This wallpaper is seriously beautiful!

3 - wallpaper garland pattern

4- wallpaper garland adding gold

To start with, I traced circles on the back of the wallpaper then cut them out.  Then I got the idea to play up the gold elements and painted a few 3×5 cards gold.  I then cut out smaller circles once the paint had fully dried.

5 - wallpaper garland circles cut out and folded

6 - wallpaper garland folded and glued

I folded the gold circles in half and put glue on both sides to hold to the wallpaper circles.  The string or yarn gets sandwiched into the crease of the gold circles.  I always try to make sure some of the glue coats the yarn so your bunting or garland stays in place.

DIY Garland from Wallpaper Samples - Tutorial at

DIY Wallpaper Garland - Tutorial at

The spot above the mirror at the top of our stair case got the garland treatment.  That little space is one of my favorites to decorate for the season.


Craft Bloopers Drawing

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This is a safe space. A space where it’s okay to admit that you sewed the waistband of a slip incorrectly, and it came loose and fell off while standing in a crowded elevator (it really is, Sherrill L.). This is a space where we won’t laugh at you, but with you because we’ve all been through it. Here, when you share your craft disasters, you won’t be met with ridicule, but with understanding head nods from people who have had their fair share of bloopers. At CreateForLess, we’ll actually reward you for admitting your mistakes. You could win a $100 Gift Certificate to CreateForLess by telling us your biggest craft mishap at the 2013 Craft Bloopers Drawing!

I’ll go first:

I was attempting to sew my first pattern. It was a little bit out of my skill level. It had buttons, interfacing, and even a collar. But that’s not where I started to struggle. I could not figure out what I was supposed to do with the sleeves. I ended up misreading the directions and sewing them in backward. Once I realized my mistake, I was so frustrated with the whole ordeal that I went a little too crazy with my seam ripper taking them out. I ended up ripping my sleeve right in half, along the grain of the fabric, not even along a seam! I was out of fabric to make a new sleeve, so I just added a little hem to the armholes and decided to make it sleeveless!

Here are a few brave souls from last year’s Craft Bloopers Drawing:

I was using my lo-temp glue gun attaching artificial flowers to a straw hat for AG dolls– I used one of my “That Purple Thang” tools to hold and press down the flowers so as not to burn/mess up my fingers. I dropped a flower and leaned over to retrieve it and when I sat up, I couldn’t find my Purple Thang. I bet I looked for an hour – everywhere- even down the front of my dress. After that, I gave up on the project and hours later as I was in the bathroom, there I saw it (in the mirror), stuck to my very fluffy curly hair and held securely with glue. I use a foil pie dish to rest my glue gun and Purple Thang while using it. I see now how my hair brushed it all when i leaned over to get the dropped flower. The rest explains itself.

- Linda N.

I was heading out to a New Year’s Eve party in 2005 and had carefully glued on fake fingernails using a small tube of craft glue as I thought they’d stay on better. I took the glue with me just in case I needed to re-glue a nail. As I was driving, one of the nails came loose. I took the glue out of my purse and used my teeth to help open the lid. To my horror, glue squirted onto my lips and tongue. Suddenly my lips were glued into an Elvis-like sneer and my tongue had an uncomfortable smudge of glue on the tip. I tried my best to get it off, but for the entire evening my lips had a strange little sneer and I spoke with a lisp. My friends thought it was hysterical and it was funny but I had very few dances that evening.

-Eileen T.

Judi B- Craft Bloopers Drawing

While scrapbooking our Gatlinburg vacation, on our last day, I set up my camera delay and propped the camera to the view of my intended subjects (well, except myself). When I made the mad dash to get in the picture, I didn’t allow extra room for my height and the photo printing lab chopped off my head. Well, it was too late for another photo and being at a scrapbook event, I couldn’t reprint this photo from home, so I just had to be creative and draw the rest of my head onto the scrapbook page!

- Judi B.

I was knitting a triangular wrap that could be used a shawl or a wraparound skirt for a dancer. Because it needed to be wide so that it could tie around the shoulders or waist, I used a circular needle, Face it, there is no such thing as a pair of 42″ straight needles.

I took my knitting with me everywhere, including when I took family members for appointments. I’d sit in the lobby or waiting room and knit. One time, a fellow knitter struck up a conversation with me, and we found we had much in common. I just kept knitting away. When that knitter was called in for her appointment I took a look at the shawl. I had totally forgotten that I was making a flat object, and had knit over half-a-dozen rows that were completely circular. The shawl looked rather like a windsock with a triangular tail!

- Celeste C.

I keep a spray bottle with bleach for fabric when I want to remove color. One morning while getting ready for work I was just wanting to mist my curly hair to liven it up. I reached and grabbed my bleach/water combo and sprayed away. After getting my hair pretty wet I was wondering why I smelled something but could not pinpoint what it was at the moment. When it dripped onto my shirt, it dawned on me!!! OOPS!
Too late, Hope it sets a trend!

- Judy T.

If they can do it, you can do it! Send us your craft blooper today and you could win a $100 CreateForLess Gift Certificate!

Welcome Our Newest General Crafts Contributor!

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Please join us in welcoming the newest member of the Think Crafts team… Taysa! She loves creating DIYs for the home, garden, and for all of you!

Taysa Bio

That’s right at any given moment you might find me armed with a glue gun, a can of spray paint, or shopping the aisles of my local craft store! 

 Check out some of my projects below…..

I am looking forward to sharing some of my ideas, crafts and DIY projects with you. Some of my most popular projects are the super cute no-sew duct tape bagBoxwood wreath or the sisal wrapped herb cans. Another fan favorite is the outdoor chalkboard, or this fun lemon wreath and one of my personal favorites is this Pinterest inspired DIY sunburst mirror
I hope you come take a look around My House and Home and get some inspiration to go get your craft on!!! 
I hope you like what you see and I will see you soon!
My House and Home
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