DIY Felt Whale Bookmark

By Guest Blogger Dea from the blog Lo Hice Yo

Dea shares gorgeous craft tutorials and free patterns on Lo Hice Yo. With cute felt projects, sewing patterns, and plenty of other DIY ideas, you’ll be sure to find inspiration on her blog.

Create this cute felt bookmark with this tutorial from Dea of Lo Hice Yo!

I love whales, though I have never seen one in my life. I love reading, too.  Thus, why not combine both whales and reading together and create a whale bookmark? I am using felt fabric for my whale because felt is easy to work with. Now don’t worry about the templates because here you will make your own felt templates.

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Kids’ Crafts: Felt

Looking for Bright Colors and Cozy activities to bring cheer to dreary winter days? I’ve found some felt crafts and games for the kids to make and play with for calming indoor activities this winter.

This first one is more of a Springtime activity, but the basic tutorial for wet wool felting can be used for a variety of themes. Felt beads, flowers, or balloons would all work similarly.

Wool Felted Wool Eggs

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Felt Covered Recipe Book

By Home Decor Contributor Alyssa

Felt Covered Recipe Book

Overall, I’m pretty terrified of cooking. There’s the whole idea of undercooking something and killing the person you love while trying to nourish them, there’s the idea of overcooking something and watching that same person choke down your disgusting, love-filled meal (maybe try not to cook so much love into it next time?), there’s the idea of setting off your smoke alarm every time you try to cook meat…which I do. There’s a lot of ways to fail. I can’t cook chicken without opening all my windows and doors to let all of the smoke out of my pint-sized apartment with an attention-starved smoke detector. But, in spite of all these terrifying cooking side effects, I’ve still gotta do it. Someone has to feed my perpetually hungry boyfriend, then give my cat the scraps.

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