Clay Photo Dishes

Transfer photos onto clay dishes to store jewelry and trinkets!

Ever since I discovered Mod Podge Photo Transfer, I’ve been super interested in testing what I can transfer photos onto. The idea to try out air dry clay has been intriguing to me for a while. I was hoping I would get a nice, worn look from the transfer with slightly textured clay. These little clay bowls were just what I wanted. They’re perfect for rings next to the sink or little office supplies!

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Common Polymer Clay Problems And Solutions

By General Crafts Contributor Amy from the Etsy Shop DangerousRainboCraft.

I remember when I first started working with clay in 2007. I ran across all kinds of surprise issues with project outcomes. Frankly I was sometimes a little green with envy over the amazing works of other clay artist. I would ask myself why am I having “this” problem and they are not. So I want to share with you the solutions to the problems I had at the beginnings of my polymer clay journey.

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