Air-Dry Clay

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I remember making things with air-dry clay as a kid, though nothing I made was really worth keeping. Lately, I’ve been noticing some beautiful things that can be created pretty easily with simple air-dry clay. It’s amazing that something can look like real porcelain or pottery that looks so impressive!

DIY Clay Bowls

DIY Clay Bowls

These simple and stunning bowls are so easy to make and are the perfect way to corral jewelry and other little trinkets. They make a sweet homemade gift as well.

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DIY Clay Bowls

By General Crafts Contributor Jessica

DIY Clay Bowls

Hey guys, so today I have a super simple DIY that I am sure you will love as well as find yourself making hundreds of these by how brilliantly easy and beautiful they turn out. These clay bowls are great for holding all the little things you need to corral around your house.

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Kids’ Clay Crafts over on Babble Dabble Do

This is what happens when you send a creative person fun new supplies to experiment with – gorgeous projects any kid would be proud to make! We sent Ana from the blog Babble Dabble Do some fun clay and plaster supplies and let her and her kids go wild! Here are the results:

Polymer Clay Bracelets - Babble Dabble Do

Polymer Clay Bracelets

These colorful bangle bracelets would make a great Mother’s Day gift. There are so many ways to create your own, you’ll want to make a few for every arm! They were inspired by the bright colors of Sculpey clay and used bracelet molds and recycled tin cans to make them.

Ceramic Projects for Kids- Babble Dabble Do

Sculptamold Fruit Bowls

I’m thinking about getting my hands on some Sculptamold to try out these pretty and natural bowls for my self. I love the look of the petals mixed in with the clay, and love how messy the process is! Even the mold used is natural – Ana used real fruit to create an imperfect shape with an interesting texture inside.

Thank you Ana for the wonderful inspiration – we can’t wait to get our hands on some clay! Be sure to check out Babble Dabble Do for gorgeous kid’s crafts, design for kids, and science projects!

Paper Clay Snowman Gift Tag

By Guest Blogger Maria Mercedes

Snowman Gift Tags



Step 1: Draw a circle on cereal box with a compass and cut out a circle. Roll out your clay to about 1/4″ thickness and place as the circle template on the clay. Use your X-Acto knife to cut excess clay. With a little bit of water smooth the edges of the circle. Use a chopstick to make the hole and let dry.


2. Once the clay is completely dry sand the edges lightly. Paint the circle the color of your choice. Use the adhesive to paste book page onto clay.

Book Pages

3. Trace snowman onto tracing paper. I do this by taking a pencil and going over the lines on the back of the tracing paper then place the tracing paper right side up on to the gift tag and go over the lines with a pencil.


4. Use coloring pencils, color the sky blue, carrot nose orange, scarf green with red lines and cheeks red.


5. Outline snowman with a permanent black marker. Varnish if desired. Attach ribbon or string.


Clay Gift Tags or Ornaments

By Home Decor Contributor Jennifer from Brave New Home.

Gold Gift Tags or Ornaments

The holidays are all about adding that special touch and letting the ones you care about know how much you care for them.  These gift tag embellishments that can be used as ornaments will help jazz up any card or gift.

2 - gold spray paint and air drying clay

I started with some gold spray paint and air dry clay.  You’ll also need some ribbon.

3 - rolling clay

4 - using play dough tools

I started rolling out my clay but it was hard keeping it smooth and achieving the thin roll I had envisioned.  There had to be an easier way!  So I borrowed my toddler’s play dough tool.

5 - spelling out words and making shapes

6 - spray painting ornaments gold

Then I shaped my strands into words like “joy” and “noel” and created some fun holiday shapes like a star and candy cane.  I let them dry overnight then flipped them over so the other side could dry equally well.

Clay Gift Tag

Clay Ornaments with Gold Spray Paint

They received a coat of gold spray paint on both sides.  After drying, I tied some red ribbon to each embellishment.  Here they are on a gift bag and a mini tree.

Kids Crafts: Clay

By Crafts-a lot Contributor, Mable who is an avid reader of craft blogs & magazines and is always looking to improve her crafting skills. Join Mable on Facebook to socialize and share with other crafters!

If you have a creative child around, there are many great craft supplies to keep them busy, and keep you worry-free. Keep the right supplies on hand, and crafting with your kid can be fun and help you build memories that can last well into their lives.

seed bomb clay and seeds

Seed Bombs

Clay is a great way to preserve a child’s art and make it functional. Clay creations like pots, bowls, and more can be preserved and used throughout the years. Clay can be molded in to whatever your child dreams up, and it can last a long time. Be creative with your clay to create even more fun objects like the above seed bombs. They’re a messy way to learn about seeds becoming flowers and teach what helps them grow. Here are some more of our favorite clay crafts.

Clay Vessels - Laugh Paint Create

Clay VesselsLaugh Paint Create

Adding small trinkets to your clay bowls is a fun way to include color and make everything more personal. I love the texture it creates. There are lots of great ideas for what to include if you click through to Laugh Paint Create!

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